The pilgrims’ hostel Schwabach

at the Way of St. James Nuremberg – Nördlingen – Ulm – Konstanz

Welcome to Schwabach!

Since several years our gold-beater town has a pilgrims’ hostel. It is now situated in the heart of the beautiful historic district at Auf der Aich 1-3 – just a stone’s throw away from St. James’ Way. En route from Nuremberg to Konstanz the wayfarer passes the Martin-Luther Square with the imposing Schwabach parish church, the Königsplatz with the town hall to arrive at the Spitalkirche. At the Spitalberg he crosses the bridge in front of the church and he turns left at the corner of the »Auf der Aich« Straße to find himself in the Benkendorfer Straße. The hostel is on the right side of the road in house Nr. 3 on ground level.

The hostel is open to pilgrims on St. James’  Way  looking for accommodation at a reasonable price for a short stay. Please contact our hostel team if you want to arrange your overnight stop.


Due to the Corona situation, please take care of the current rules and regulations officially given for hotel accomodation.


Call +49 174 8151911


Or via email:

(please leave your number for queries)


A total of four beds are available in the single dormitory of the hostel.

A bathroom (shower, toilet) and kitchen are available, as well as a washing machine and a dryer. A bike shelter is available in the backyard of the premise. The coffee kitchen and the restroom in the office of Soziale Stadt für die Altstadt in Schwabach can be used, if they are not occupied otherwise. Please clean up afterwards, thanks.


For the upkeep of the pilgrims’ hostel we are dependent on donations, thus we ask for a donation of 10-20€ per night.


The hostel is maintained by a team of volunteers, so a short wait may occur until you are admitted.  Thank you for your understanding.


Arrival time: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.


Please do not forget to strip the beds in the morning and to put the laundry in the marked container. Please put the hostel key in the marked letterbox upon departure.


gibt es in der Stadtkirche Schwabach am Martin-Luther-Platz

Pilgrim stamps are available in the parish church at Martin-Luther-Square, in the Citizens Advice Bureau at the town hall at Königsplatz and at the pilgrims’ hostel.

We hope you enjoy your stay at the pilgrim’s hostel Schwabach.

The pilgrims’ hostel Schwabach is a facility of the Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirchengemeinde Schwabach- St.Martin. It is maintained by an ecumenic team with the Römisch-Katholisches Dekanat Schwabach. The hostel is jointly run with the Gewobau of the city of Schwabach GmbH and the Quartiersbüro Soziale Stadt für die Altstadt in Schwabach.


Spiritual places in Schwabach


Spiritual places invite you to take some time out. Schwabach has such places as one would not expect. The silence of a park, the grandeur of a church or the ripple of a brook are inspiring. Meditative impulses at eight stations accompany a common path, which wants to give strength for everyday life.


You can find these special places in our brochure »Spiritual Places« (unfortunately only available in German).


Further information:


Further information about the Way of St. James (german language):ürnberg-ulm-konstanz


of the pilgrims’ hostel Schwabach

Location: Schwabach · Auf der Aich 1-3

Contact us:


call +49 174 8151911


Evang.-Luth. Kirchengemeinde

Schwabach St. Martin

Wittelsbacher Straße 4

91126 Schwabach

Phone 09122 92 56 200



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Soziale Stadt für die Altstadt
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gibt es in der Stadtkirche Schwabach am Martin-Luther-Platz

gibt es in der Stadtkirche Schwabach am Martin-Luther-Platz